Case Studies

Here is a summary of case studies mentioned in this guide for inspiration, copy & pasting!

Evolutionary Leadership Institute

The Institute for Evolutionary Leadership is a training company and community of thought leaders working towards a more just, sustainable, and flourishing world. > See case study****

League of Intrapreneurs

The League of Intrapreneurs is a global learning community of “intrapreneurs” (entrepreneurs inside companies), who believe in creating change from within. > See case study****


Outlandish is a worker owned cooperative that uses Cobudget to democratically distribute dividends to all cooperative members as a way to invest in new projects they care about, for example new tech products, social impact projects that need software, match funding of international initiatives. > See case study****

Blackwood Seven

Blackwood Seven is a marketing platform that uses artificial intelligence to help organisations get better results for their marketing spend. Their Barcelona team of 16 agile developers and people working in administration, human resources and communication experimented with Cobudget. > See case study****

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