About this guide

About the authors

This guide is brought to you by Greaterthan, an organization with the mission to make participatory governance in organizations the new normal by spreading culture, knowledge and practices. We want to make collaborative funding easy and accessible to anyone.

The authors of this playbook, Francesca Pick and Kate Beecroft, have over a decade of experience in participatory governance, self-organization and community building. The knowledge shared here stems from their first-hand experiences as leaders and practitioners in global networks such as Enspiral and Ouishare, and the growing practice of collaborative budgeting they have helped to develop in these networks.


Thank you to:

  • Enspiral for incubating the development of Cobudget and for trusting Greaterthan with its Stewardship.

  • Communities who have served as testing grounds for these learnings and collaborative funding practices, Enspiral, Ouishare and many more.

  • Genesis Alpha DAO and DAOstack for making this work possible with a financial contribution through Alchemy.

  • Lisa Gill for editing.


This work is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike.


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